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When I hear the word Nutrition, the first thing I think of is food. Nutritious foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. However, MOVEMENT is also a very important nutrient that our bodies crave and require for healthy cell function.

Variety in our movement, just as variety in our diet,  is essential for overall health. We all know that broccoli has many health benefits like fiber, vitamin C and is low in fat. But if you only eat broccoli, you will miss out on other necessary nutrients your body needs to perform optimally. Movement is the same. Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that checks many health box benefits, like strength & flexibility. However, just like only eating broccoli can eventually be harmful to your overall health, so can only sticking to one form of exercise. If you only do yoga for exercise, you will miss out on other movement nutrients like, cardio, agility, speed and power.

The LEAP Experience can help you improve your movement nutrition. Contact me today for more information.

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What great insight!!

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