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Corporate, private, one-time or recurring events

Interested in private or corporate events? 

The LEAP Experience serves Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.  TLE supports you and your team in interactive wellness workshops to spark belonging, inspire creativity and create a workplace environment that is fun, peaceful and productive! 

Contact us today to book on-site sessions for your staff retreat, professional development, leadership workshop,  or other corporate or personal function.

Your sessions will be carefully curated to meet the specific needs of your company and your team.

email us directly at, to learn more.

Wellness & Fitness Workshops & classes for youth

Wellness Workshops for youth are interactive, fun and engaging sessions designed to capture their attention and focus on self.

This workshop series for youth include learning modules to improve self-awareness and understand ourselves so that we can authentically interact with others.

Each module includes strategies that integrate Casel’s 5 competencies in SEL; (Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making), and trauma-informed health, wellness & movement practices, such as mindful movement,  creative expression & stillness. We will:

  • create lasting strategies for stress reduction & self-acceptance

  • improve connection & communication with others and

  • increase vocabulary & understanding in emotion management, self-regulation, & improved mood.

  • Devlop individuality and unique personality. 

Wellness Workshops for youth are coache by a trained facilitator and are appropriate for all ages in small or large group sessions or for 1:1 coaching.

Contact us today at: to schedule a consultation and discover if The LEAP Experience Wellness Workshops are right for you and your family.


 Professional Development
Leadership & Wellness Workshops


Yoga class descriptions

Yoga is more than the practice of asana, or physical postures. Living yoga means integrating the principles of yoga into your thoughts, words and actions;  incorporating the 8 limbs of yoga in daily life and beyond your mat. Every LEAP-Groove yoga class embraces the 8-limbs in classes whenever possible.

Yoga basics: Bringing together classic, fundamental asana (physical yoga). with breath, movement, mudras and stillness. Using our own body strength  to increase core & muscle endurance, flexibility, body awareness & confidence. Practice mindful postural alignment through the joy of yoga props and their importance in our yoga practice.

Yoga Fusion: A dynamic form of yoga that uses music & breath to flow between physical yoga postures. Postures are carefully sequenced to bring awareness to y
our body's rhythm encouraging flexibility, creativity, strength, balance and endurance. 

Partner Yoga: Create playful connection, deepen your yoga practice & shift your attention from your mind to your breath and body by embracing teamwork and communication. We will trust, support & laugh our way into foundational, partner poses.

Floating Yoga: Restore mental clarity, emotional calm,  physical confidence.& the playful rediscovery that yoga on a floating mat in water can bring.


Young at Heart


Paddle Board Yoga (PBY)

Young at Heart

Yoga for Wellness

Lift Your Spirits Yoga

Groove in the Grass

Wellness Workshops for educators, businesses & teams

Yoga & Wellness Retreats 

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