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LEAP stands for; Laughter, Emotional Management, Purpose.

LEAP-Groove mobile studio brings the wellness workouts & workshops to YOU!

Choose from programs in yoga, mindful movement, Body Groove, meditation, partner yoga, young at heart music & movement, poolates & Paddle Board Fitness.. Each program is designed to support healthy development and improve social, emotional & physical health. Each lesson is carefully created to connect mind, body & soul through music, mindfulness and movement to improve emotion identification and regulation, cognitive function & overall health and wellness in a safe, fun and creative way. 

Call or text today to learn more about programs for youth, adults ,seniors, teachers, couples & more. We can meet in board rooms, school gyms, parks, living rooms, front yards or other creative spaces. 

(928) 225-7806

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“Never in my life have I met a teacher so in tune with her students. You’ve taught me the value of hard work, how to love myself, and most importantly, how to love people who don’t always deserve it. You are my role model, and I will carry your lessons with me into adulthood!”

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Dee Mendoza Engelthaler,

Hi. I'm DeAnn, or Dee, and I am the founder of LEAP-groove Mobile Studio, a female, and latina owned business.

I am a retired classroom teacher of 20+ years, mom of three truly amazing people, and lover of humans, nature, chocolate, animals, learning and health , fitness & wellness. 

My favorite class to teach right now is Paddle Board yoga because it combines all of my favorite things: water, sunshine, laughter and healing through movement.

Some other classes I teach that also bring me great joy are: Young at Heart Music & Movement, Chair Yoga, Lift Your Spirits Yoga, Poolates, and Body Groove. 

My vision for LEAP-Groove Mobile studio is to provide group fitness & wellness opportunities for people of all ages, genders, abilities & ethnicities that bring us together, empower us to love ourselves and one another unconditionally, celebrate diversity, and nurture health, healing and laughter so that we may fully embrace the radiant human beings we are all meant to be.

My training and certifications are:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Group Fitness Instructor Certification

  • YogaED: Trauma-Informed Yoga-60

  • Breathe For Change: CYT-200

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor 

  • The Groove Method Facilitator Certification: youth & adults (young at heart (seniors) & GrooveFit 

  • Breathe For Change: Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator certification (SEL*F)

  • SOAR (SSI/SSDI.outreach.access and recovery) Certification

  • ASFA - Water Exercise Certification


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